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Welcome to Auto Care (Fiji) Ltd.

Auto Care is nationally recognized as one of today’s top ten Retail and Distribution conglomerate, and a leader in
providing safe, reliable and efficient product delivery to the Fiji market..

Auto Care Group

Auto Care was first established in 1995 under the directions of Mr. Kalpesh Kumar Patel (Managing Director) with a
core vision to bring together all the industry commodity opportunities available in the market under one corporate

Auto Care’s motivation towards its vision has set them to be the third largest private sector enterprise, with businesses
in the Petroleum Products and materials value chain. Auto Care today forms a part of Mobil Oil Distribution and Retail
Brand Network along with Vodafone Recharge cards and Transtel Tele-cards.

Auto Care’s annual revenues are in excess of Fiji 26 million dollars. The flagship company, Auto Care (Fiji) Ltd, is a
fortune local 10 company in Petroleum Industry and is the third largest private sector company in Petroleum Industry in
Fiji Islands.

Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Auto Care. Starting with a core
vision, Auto Care pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration-in petroleum products, convenient stores, spare
parts, furniture and telecommunication retailing and distribution - to be fully integrated along the materials and value

Auto Care enjoys global leadership in its businesses, being the third largest retailer and distributor for Mobil and among
the top 10 retailers in Lubricant Industry in Fiji.


                                                        “Growth has no limit at Auto Care”





Auto Care is a local owned company that was established in 1995. Today it forms a part of Mobil Oil Distribution and
Retail Brand Network along with Vodafone Recharge cards and Transtel Tele-cards.

The Group is the leader in the distribution market and its brand “Auto Care” is our greatest strength.

Auto Care holds exclusive Mobil Oil products distribution for “Viti Levu” and holds approx 20% market share for Vodafone
and Transtel communication products which are distributed door-to-door to house holds, corporate businesses and
exported to islands. We are trusted, respected and valued by our local and international suppliers who honored us with
their product Distributions.

Our distribution and services are legendary. Auto Care’s distribution network and services has won more market share
for Mobil Oil than any other Oil Companies put together through our great network of distribution thus, saving time, cost
and increasing the quality of services and efficiency in delivery for our supplier’s products.

We have been in business a long time and understand what it is like to be a local business that distributes and retails
national and international products with best practice standards in place.

The greatest strength of Auto Care’s business is its sales and marketing team, management team, loyalty from customers,
distribution network and most of all the name in the Market “Auto Care”



Kalpesh Kumar Patel
Managing Director


Our Strength


· Diverse, talented and dedicated work force
· Low cost producer in many operations
· Leadership positions in distribution process and product technology
· Organization structure geared to effective global management
· Mix of business capable of delivering superior financial performance over the business cycle
· Balanced geographic spread with major investments underway in growth regions


Corporate Governance

Auto Care is in the forefront of implementation of best practices

Growth through Governance at Auto Care is based on the following main principles:

· Constitution of a Directors and Managers of appropriate composition, size and commitment to discharge its
  responsibilities and duties.
· Ensuring timely flow of information to the Directors and Management team to enable them discharge their
  functions effectively
· Independent verification and safeguarding integrity of the company’s financial reporting.
· A sound systems of risk management and internal control.
· Timely and balanced disclosure of all material information concerning the company to all its stakeholders.
· Transparency and accountability
· Compliance with all the application laws and regulations.
· Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and investors.




Sales and distribution facilities



Scope of Business

Our scope of business involves
Trading, Wholesaling, Retailing, Importing, Exporting, Manufacturing, and Distributing.

Our company supply the following products:-
                   • Automotive Lubricants
                   • Automotive Fuels - Diesel Oil, Unleaded, Premix, Kerosene, White Kerosene
                   • Tyres & Tubes
                   • Automotive Batteries
                   • All Types of Automotive Filters
                   • Auto Bulbs
                   • Car Care Accessories
                   • General Hardware Supplies
                   • Lewood Partition
                   • Office Chairs & Tables
                   • Steel Furniture
                   • Magnetic White Boards
                   • Workstation
                   • Kitchen Built-In
                   • Reception Counter
                   • Conference Tables
                   • Cane Furniture


Major Subsidiaries & Associates

Auto Care has ownership interest in the following subsidiaries & associates.



Interiorz (Fiji) Ltd is a manufacturing,
Wholesalaring & Retailing business entity
which manufactures office & home furniture
commodities and is locally marketed in Fiji


This is a luggage wrapping business entity at
the only International Airport in Fiji Islands
providing secured luggage wrapping services.
A strong plastic film to seal customers
Suitcases, Backpacks, Boxes, Carry Bags, Golf
Clubs, Baby Buggies and Car Seats.



Advertising and promotions are a critical part of Auto Care’s ongoing marketing strategy. As a national network, we have
developed a strong position for our distributed brands in an increasing competitive market place and maintained an
ongoing presence in front of our consumers through extensive personal touch and multimedia coverage’s. This helps
launch new products and boosts awareness of our distributing product ranges.

A comprehensive promotional calendar has help to ‘drive’ our business with major promotions supporting our 5 core
distributed products pillars running continuously throughout the year.

In additional to advertising and promotions, we undertake regular market research campaigns to stay in touch with our
customers, both current and potential and we utilize a focused public relations program to keep Auto Care at the forefront
of people’s mind.



                              Growth through Commitments


                                                       Business Commitments

                                                                 We care about

                                                           Research & Development
                                                        Health, Safety & Environment
                                                       Human Resource Development

Auto Care believes that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the nine core values of




The essence of these commitments is that each employee conducts the company’s business with integrity, in compliance
with applicable laws, and in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantages.

We do not lose sight of these values under any circumstance, regardless of the goals we have to achieve. To us, the
means are as important as the ends.


                                                                               For Auto Care….
                                                               Growth is care for good health
                                                                      Growth is care for safety
                                                            Growth is care for the environment
                                                                Growth is betting on our people
                                                            Growth is thinking beyond business




Auto Care is a corporation of economic character, run on a commercial basis and is locally owned
by private individuals. It is one of the top five petroleum retail and distribution companies and top
three telecom product distributor.

Auto Care’s mission is to manage and operate the integrated industry commodities in the most
efficient and professional manner, in addition to growing profits for the stakeholders.

Auto Care has an important role in contributing to the support and development of the Fiji economy
and proactively managing the environmental, health and safety aspects related to Auto Care’s



· Be a highly profitable and performance driven company.
· Contribute significantly to the support and development of the Fiji economy.
· Strengthen the world class reputation of Auto Care operations.
· Become a regional leader in applying the latest and the most appropriate technologies in
  Auto Care’s operations.



· Motivating Environment
· Customer Satisfaction
· Teamwork
· Trust
· Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
· Quality and Excellence
· Innovation/ Responsiveness




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